Razorfish Study on Social Media

Razorfish Study on Social Media

MediaPost News recently ran an article that looks at all the talk about the ability of social media helping brands connect with consumers in new and deeper ways — to establish a “dialogue” with users through various interactive tools that blend seamlessly into their online activities.

Mark Walsh’s article examined a new study from Razorfish that suggests the key to engagement on social properties comes down to old-fashioned direct marketing techniques like offering discounts and special promotions. “Based on our research, it’s not so much about some type of ‘shared passion’ for a brand’s values. Largely, it’s about deals — pure and simple,” states the 2009 FEED report from Razorfish examining consumers’ digital habits and attitudes.

The findings were based on a survey of 1,000 “connected consumers,” or people that roughly mirror the 63% of the U.S. population with broadband access. It also encompasses Internet users who have spent $150 online in the last six months, visited a community site, and consumed or created some type of digital media. The Razorfish FEED presentation and study is below:

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