Visual Globe

About This Project

Visual Globe has over 10 years in field-data collection using aerial imagery, terrestrial LIDAR and GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). Their patented technology allows for the creation of 3D CAD modeling and sub-surface utility engineering for capturing pipes and utilities below ground. Visual Globe has overcome all the boundaries related to communication data silos and asset visualization by developing their “3D Visual Transparency”, a platform that connects ALL organizational domains with a common language. Their platform provides real-time views to all facility and physical asset data regardless of source. This fully integrated, intuitive and immersive environment is completely controlled the customer. Their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform utilizes aerial imagery for feature extraction. They are able to connect disparate data to their proprietary data fusion engine that will report current, preventive and predictive analytics. Placing the power of transforming data with limitless results at customers fingertips. The VentureDNA team is providing advisory services to senior management, while opening access to its worldwide network of marketing and business professionals. Please visit: Visual Globe;

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