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Working with a team of leading scientists and business leaders, Safe Health, Inc. was launched to meet the immediate needs of the current Covid-19 health pandemic. The development and deployment of this protective mask product is based on the latest nano particle technology. The material used in the the mask has unique anti-microbial properties within the fibers making it highly resistant to surface contagions. Reusable up to 50 washes, this thin stretchy material comfortably fits to the human face. The unique design makes it super easy to talk while using a mobile phone without having to remove the mask. Whether serving on the front lines of the health crisis or shopping for family in the local grocery store, Safe+Face Masks are quickly becoming the preferred protective facial product. Working with the Safe Health, Inc management team, the VentureDNA team is providing sales leadership and access to its worldwide network of healthcare and business professionals. Please visit:

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Fall 2020

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