Apple iPad Information

Apple iPad Information

On Wednesday January 27, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the newest addition to the Apple product line. The iPad is here and shipping in March 2010.

“The last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had ten commandments written on it”

-Wall Street Journal 2010



Wi-fi + 3G:
16gb: $629
32gb: $729
64gb: $829

16gb $499
32gb $599
64gb $699

Data Pricing Plans on AT&T:
$14.99/month for 250mb
$29.99/month for unlimited
No contract – cancel any time

Wi-fi models shipped in 60 days
3G models shipped in 90 days
Ships internationally in June

Unknown outside of AAPL retails stores

Synch apps already purchased from iPod or iPhone onto iPad
.5” thin, 1.5lbs, 9.7” LED IPS display; capacitive multi-touch
10hr battery life while playing videos; 1 month of standby time
1GHz Apple A4 Chip;
Has keyboard dock accessory

Event Notes
Needs to be a device better than a laptop and better than a smartphone at certain tasks
iTunes store built in, YouTube, navigation, movies, tv
Unlock slide just like iPhone
Keyboard comes up
Flick through photos easily
A lot of the same in terms of UI- seems like just on a bigger screen which changes how you interact with the programs (i.e. iTunes, photo album, etc.)
Graphics are really nice on it; apparently the processer is really fast
Full capacitive multitouch
.5” thin, 1.5lbs, 9.7” IPS display
1GHz Apple A4 Chip; 16 gb-64gb flash storage
1 month of standby time, 10 hrs of video playing time
Can run all iPhone apps unmodified out of the box – small screen but you can double pixel to make it bigger (lower graphics).
Small app on big black screen looks a little funky
iPhone SDK supports writing apps for bigger screen – releasing it today
iPad comes with app store on it
Gameloft and NY Times showing off apps they developed for the iPad – video pops out on NYTimes app.
Mostly pop up menus
Created the iBook store – similar to iTunes
Completely new UI with iWork
Big thing is drop down menus – different than in the past
$10 for pages, $10 for keynote apps, etc
Synchs over USB
Some models with 3G every model has wi-fi
$14.99 per month for 250mb of data; unlimited data for $29.99
AT&T deal with these prices, and free use of T wifi spots
Activate on iPad
No contract – cancel anytime
Int’l deals by June
iPad 3G models unlocked
Use new GSM micro SIMs
Synch apps you have on your own iPhone and iPod
LED screen

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