We work side by side with you; from idea creation to world class delivery to the market.

VentureDNA KNOWS Chicago is the next start-up hub

Big business has been the backbone of Chicago’s economy for years, yet there is a growing undercurrent driven by a vibrant start up community. VentureDNA is uniquely positioned to not only advise these companies by delivering world-class strategy, but to connect innovative ideas with today’s business leaders in Chicago.


VentureDNA is a group of seasoned technologists, strategists, and operators advising and investing in visionary startups.

Core Values

VentureDNA lays the foundation for long term growth through technology innovation, financial knowledge, and thought leadership.  We help businesses achieve strategic growth by delivering measurable results.

Growth Strategy

We help both our clients, and high net-worth partners work together to drive small business start ups.

Technology Solutions

We are experts at knowing what your client wants, and delivering solutions that provide significant value to your business.

Thought Leadership

We help define, refine, and opine and business plans. Our experiences have touched businesses worldwide.

Financial Partnerships

With a vast network of connections in Chicago, we deliver growth to start-ups to create dynamic new businesses.

Independent Sponsorship

By working with companies outside the traditional fund structure we help companies execute their core mission.

Capital Advisors

We become part of the team and utilize our expertise to drive the businesses growth forward.

OUR TEAM, by the year

Our goal is to build long term, multi-faceted partnerships for strategic growth


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