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About This Project

Didgebridge is a mobile video marketing-tech and new media company. Today’s consumers are increasingly rejecting most forms of intrusive advertising giving rise to new, non-intrusive, yet purchase helpful, mobile marketing mediums. The best of these will dominate the $600B+ global ad sector. In response to this “future-trends” perceived need, the Didgebridge team comprised of C-level marketing execs and best-of-class mobile software technologists have begun to deploy INTELLISMART™ .  Over the last several years, INTELLISMART™ has been BETA & pilot tested with clients such as IBM, SAP, CVS, Dassault, and P&G. Today this innovative technology is now ready for full scale commercialized launch.  The VentureDNA team is advising Didgebridge senior management on how to best position the company for the next stage of growth, by providing access to its network of advertising, marketing and business professionals. Learn more at:


Advertising & Mobile


Fall 2018