VentureDNA | iPhone 4S Promo Video the Year's "most viral tech video"
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iPhone 4S Promo Video the Year's "most viral tech video"

15 Dec iPhone 4S Promo Video the Year's "most viral tech video"


Apple’s ads and introductory videos have long set the standard for clear, concise, and exciting tech promos. Now Web video tracker Visible Measures has announced that the 5-minute iPhone 4S promo video was the most viral tech video of 2011.

The video (see below) was not only replayed millions of times on both the Apple site and YouTube, but generated spinoff unofficial uploads and parodies. The total impact of the promo was estimated at a whopping 28 million views.

Runners up included the Google Chrome “The Web is What You Make of It” campaign featuring Lady Gaga (22 million views), the YouTube/Lenovo Space Lab promo (17 million views), the Sony PS3 “Michael/Long Live Play” ad (15.8 million views), and Freddie W’s Samsung “Gamer Commute” ad (11.5 million views).

The fascinating thing is that all of the other ads feature either dancing and music (Lady Gaga) or special effects (the rest of ‘em), while the Apple video features nothing more than Apple executives and demonstrations of the technology. It appears that reality and stellar products make more of an impact than explosions or lousy 2-minute musicals — Hollywood, take note.



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