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Chris Anderson on The Colbert Report

03 Sep Chris Anderson on The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert brought Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson onto his talk show in late July to talk about his new book, Free, the Future of a Radical Price. Colbert’s welcome: “You are the author of a book called Free, and it costs $26.99. Well done, my man!”

Colbert is ruthless in this six-minute interview, but it’s obvious he gets what Anderson is pushing. So much so, that he hits at two weak points in Anderson’s vision of a reputation economy: First, mainstream media celebrities like Steven Colbert still have hundreds of times more popular recognition and economic value than even an A-list web celebrity like Anderson. Second, the most effective means of monetizing your personal brand is by endorsing products and services. The most interesting part of the segment is their discussion around Chris’ term “Freemium” Premiums for Free….

Let’s take a look:

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