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A Suitcase That Suits You

12 Apr A Suitcase That Suits You

Any journey of a decent duration has one thing in common a suitcase, and if you think the bleeding edge of baggage technology is a retractable handle, it’s time for an upgrade.

The Bluesmart One ($449) is a carry-on case with all the features you’ve come to expect from wheeled luggage (including the retractable handle) but with some unique tech touches that will prove essential for everyday life.

Chief among these advanced features is the bag’s own USB charging port, allowing travelers to ensure they have a full battery for all of their smart devices regardless of the availability of outlets wherever they go.

The clever carry-on includes a digtial scale that keep tabs on your bags weight and avoid fees, a remote controlled lock via app and a location tracker, so you can identify exactly when your luggage will be makeing an appearance on the baggage clam carousel.

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