Building Blocks

Lay the Foundation for Long Term Growth

through technology innovation, financial knowledge, and thought leadership, we help businesses achieve strategic growth and deliver measurable brand experiences.

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Building Momentum for Growth

The technology world is currently seeing unprecedented growth and is constantly undergoing innovation. At VentureDNA, we enable our clients to take advantage of this industry bursting with opportunity by offering a variety of management consulting services, including technology strategy, capital advisory, and business development consulting. With our help, our clients can not only achieve the strategic growth they seek, but can also drive engagement with their customers anytime, anywhere and anyplace through interactive creativity and technology.

Our years of media, financial, healthcare, and telecom experience coupled with award-winning design expertise allow our team to create world-class experiences that capture the essence of a brand’s DNA while delivering measurable and timely results.


Create the right strategy.

We can formulate the needed financial investment approach, technology solution, and marketing strategy in order to execute your business plan. Our management consulting services will help your company reach the next stage of development, while the technology solutions we create will shape cross-channel experiences with your customer.

Make closer connections through technology.

Today’s consumers are well-informed and very independent: they are highly skeptical of what you have to offer, engage with marketing when and where they choose and make purchasing decisions on their own terms. Connect with them in the right environment, communicate to them in relevant terms, and treat them with respect and they will become advocates of your trusted brand.

Show your brand’s leadership.

Our engagements have been highly effective in creating and executing high-value branding and customer acquisition strategies for technology and media products on multiple platforms including internet, mobile, and emerging device applications. We offer tactical business planning and development, marketing and creative implementation, management consulting and funding assistance to our clients, thereby helping companies create quantifiable and lasting value.

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